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We offer a wide range of services that progress from safety to swimming technique to prepare for swim teams. We offer a variety of group and private lessons to help everyone reach their individual goals.

Contact us at (208) 403-5059 to schedule a time to walkthrough our facility and talk to an instructor about which lessons would be best for your child and your goals!

Our Services

Water Safety and Swimming Lessons


Group Lessons

We work with kids between the ages of 2-4 years old who have already mastered their safety skills our Private Safety Lessons to begin learning strokes in a fun, group setting. (These classes come in scheduled sessions and are currently only offered during our Fall and Winter Seasons. Call the office for information on dates, times, and availability.)


Child Safety - Private

Our toddler/preK lessons are catered to the ages of 1-4 years old. We work on back floats and being able to move through the water independently. For kids that are confident, we start beginning stroke technique at this level as well.


Stroke Technique Lessons - Private

We work with swimmers of ALL AGES, who have their safety skills, on advanced stroke technique. Being able to prepare for swim teams and recreational swimming.


Parent and Child Classes

We work with infants 3 – 15 months and their parents to begin learning basic breath control, become acclimated to going underwater and laying in back float position, and understand safe water boundaries for parents and children. (These classes come in scheduled sessions. Call the office for information on dates, times, and availability.)


Infant Survival - Private

We work with infants starting at 6 months old to develop the ability to “self-rescue.” This means that they are able to get themselves to a back float and maintain it until an adult can find and assist them.


Non-Swimmer Lessons - Private

We work with ALL AGES on beginning stroke technique. Being able to be independent in the water builds confidence and can prepare for swim teams and recreational swimming.

Spring 2024 Pricing 

(all lessons expire 1 year after date of purchase)

1 Lesson


5 Lessons


10 Lessons


30 Lessons




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Give us a call or contact us if you have any questions, or schedule a time online for your child to receive lessons.

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What People Are Saying

“My daughter is difficult when it comes to water, but the instructor at mountain wave swimming is AMAZING and works so well with her. They use every minute of her lesson to teach her and help her. They don’t waste any time on crying, they just teach. My daughter has improved SO much in just 5 lessons. So impressed. Highly recommend.”

Josie H.

Satisfied Customer

“We are so glad Mountain Wave Swimming opened in Rexburg! Their prices are affordable and the private, 20 minute lessons are perfect for little ones. All the instructors are warm and welcoming and they are so very patient with hesitant kiddos!”

Adelaide G.

Satisfied Customer

“We love mountain wave swimming! Emilee is so patient and really tried to help figure out the best way to help each of my girls learn of according to their personality. She earns the kids trust and makes it fun. It was fun to watch my 4 year old learn that she can do hard things and watch her confidence grow!”

Lindsey W.

Satisfied Customer

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Why Private Lessons?

While we do teach some small group lessons and parent/child classes, at MWS we primarily teach private 20 minute swim lessons. We do this to provide the highest quality lessons possible. Each lesson is quality time spent with the kids we teach. We get to know how they...