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My name is Heavyn Nance. I am currently a junior at BYUI and am majoring in healthcare administration. I have been teaching swim lessons for over 5 years. I have been apart of the Huntington Beach Junior lifeguard program in my youth and spent my high school years competing on my schools varsity swim team. I am passionate about helping young ones learn the skills they need to be safe and confident in the water. There is nothing I love more than to see a child overcome their fear and eventually love the water! In my spare time I love rock climbing, backpacking, long boarding, camping and snowboarding in the winter!

I will be teaching weekday mornings, and will be working to train our new instructors!

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What People Are Saying

“My daughter is difficult when it comes to water, but the instructor at mountain wave swimming is AMAZING and works so well with her. They use every minute of her lesson to teach her and help her. They don’t waste any time on crying, they just teach. My daughter has improved SO much in just 5 lessons. So impressed. Highly recommend.”

Josie H.

Satisfied Customer

“We are so glad Mountain Wave Swimming opened in Rexburg! Their prices are affordable and the private, 20 minute lessons are perfect for little ones. All the instructors are warm and welcoming and they are so very patient with hesitant kiddos!”

Adelaide G.

Satisfied Customer

“We love mountain wave swimming! Emilee is so patient and really tried to help figure out the best way to help each of my girls learn of according to their personality. She earns the kids trust and makes it fun. It was fun to watch my 4 year old learn that she can do hard things and watch her confidence grow!”

Lindsey W.

Satisfied Customer

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